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Digital Workflow

Protec utilizes state-of-the-art new digital technologies and has integrated workflow solutions to accept all types of digital intraoral impressions, produce 3D resin models, and manufacture leading-edge new CADCAM products.

Step 1: Send Digital Impression (Doctor)

Once the doctor has captured the digital impression with their scanner, the file must be transferred to the Laboratory for processing. For systems that utilize proprietary portals, the data is sent to Protec through their connection. For all other open systems, cases can be downloaded from your system and transferred directly to Protec through our “MyProtec” web login portal.

scanningBon protec dental

Step 2: Digital Case Design (Laboratory)

The received scan files are downloaded to Protec’s digital network and entered as cases to prepare for design and production. At Protec, most cases are designed and processed with our laboratory design software. This all-digital manufacturing process ensures accuracy as the variables related to traditional analog production are removed. Clinicians who wish to verify and approve their laboratory designs can request a Good2Go video from the laboratory. 


Step 3: Digital Manufacturing (Laboratory)

After the digital design process is complete, the CAD (computer aided design) files are prepared as needed for CAM (computer-aided manufacturing). 3D printing and computerized milling processes are utilized in most cases.
Traditional analog impression cases are also processed digitally by scanning and digitizing your impressions and models. The laboratory workflow is all digital either way!
protec manufacture

What Can I Do Digitally?

protec dental guide

How To Send A Case

Protec accepts files from all major scanning systems, making the transition to digital dentistry easy for your practice.

Send Your Digital Intraoral Impressions

1. Use your digital scanner’s upload portal system, or 
2. Login to myProtec web login portal at and enter your user name and password. Go to Case > submit a case and upload digital scan. New users will need to register. 

Request a Pick-up

1. Place parts, impressions, bites and models in plastic bag or box with prescription form
2. Login to our customer web portal via to schedule pick-ups. For local customers, you may call Protec at 604.873.8000, or for out-of-town clients call Purolator at 1.888.744.7123.

Digital Prescriptions

Laboratory Production Time

Fixed Prosthetics

IPS e.max® Restorations
Bruxzir™, Zceram®, and ZHTesthetic®
Zceram® Crowns and Bridges
Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns and Bridges
iZir® -Bruxzir™ Full-Arch Implant Prosthesis
Implant Restorations – Single Unit
Implant Restorations – Multi-Unit
Metal, Composite, Temporary Crowns
Diagnostic Wax-Ups

Working Days

5 (plus shipping)
5 (plus shipping)
5 (plus shipping)
7 (plus shipping)
7 (plus shipping)
6 (plus shipping)
7 (plus shipping)
5 (plus shipping)
5 (plus shipping)
3 (plus shipping)

Removable Prosthetics

Cast Partial Frames
Cast Partial Frame Set-Ups
Flexible Partial Process and Finish
Acrylic Process and Finish
Set-Ups and Try-Ins
Trays and Bite Blocks
Relines and Repairs

Working Days

5 (plus shipping)
8 (plus shipping)
6 (plus shipping)
5 (plus shipping)
4 (plus shipping)
3 (plus shipping)
2 (plus shipping)


Fixed, Removable, and Functional Appliances
Splints, NightGuards, and Sportsguards
Retainers and Repairs
Clear Aligners and Tooth Positioners
Indirect Bonding
Snoring and Sleep Apnea Appliances
Orthodontic Study Models
Digital Orthodontic Study Models
Digital Cephalometric Tracing

Working Days

5 (plus shipping)
5 (plus shipping)
1 (plus shipping)
5 (plus shipping)
5 (plus shipping)
6 (plus shipping)
5 (plus shipping)
5 (plus shipping)
5 (plus shipping)

Manage Case Portal

Benefits of Using myPROTEC Case Portals


  • Make a payment online
  • View balances and payments
  • View and print statements


  • Schedule a Smile Express pick-up online for local clients
  • Schedule a Purolator pick-up online and print waybill for out-of-town clients


  • View active cases
  • Submit new digital cases
  • Upload digital file attachments


  • Live texts or email alerts whenever new cases are entered, invoiced, or placed on hold
  • Day-end texts or email notifications when cases are received and shipped

Register Now !

  1. Go to and select myPROTEC WEB Portals -> myPROTEC MANAGE CASES
  2. Under Connecting to your Account section, click the Sign Up button
  3. On the Registration page, enter your existing account information
  4. A message will appear notifying you of successful registration, you may now Login to myPROTEC MANAGE CASES

Customer Account Forms

Enclosed are Protec’s Customer Survey and Credit Agreement forms. Please provide this information for our records as it assists us in providing the best possible service to you and your patients.

Leading the Digital Revolution!

Restorative Dentistry


Practice Marketing

mediastar Protec denatl

CUSTOMIZED Brochures and Posters

Choose from a variety of 14 different Protec products

Media Star protec Dental
  • Available to Protec clients at NO CHARGE
  • All custom imprinted with Doctor’s logo
  • Order online at PROTEC STORE
Media Star protec Dental
Go to PROTEC Store:
  1. Select Practice marketing
  2. Pick your favorites!
  3. Email doctor practice logo (PNG, AI, or EPS) to

Pickup App

ready2go app
ready2go protec dental app


Protec onboarding

Key Contacts - Support

Fixed Prosthetics - Case Planning and Coordination

Nicolas Bracht|| 604-873-8000 EXT 277
Sarah Lezica | | 604-873-8000 EXT 255

Removable Prosthetics - Case Planning and Coordination

Pushappreet Kaur | | 604-873-800 EXT 252
Ian Thompson | | 604-873-8000 EXT 210

Orthodontics - Case Planning and Coordination

Manuel Stanescu | | 604-873-800 EXT 134
Michael Wells | | 604-873-8000 EXT 123

Surgical Guides and Case Planning

Senu Sanapala | | 604-873-8000 EXT 253
Sindhu Bayagani | | 604-873-8000 EXT 103

Medit i500 & i700 - Sales, Training, and Support

Nasheel Soni | | 604-873-8000 EXT 152

IOS / Digital support

Sarah Lezica – Restorative | | 604-873-8000 EXT 255
Brent Stapleton – Restorative | | 604-873-8000 EXT 204
Manuel Stanescu – Orthodontics | | 604-873-800 EXT 134

IT Support

Daniel Gu | | 604-873-8000 EXT 254


Jesse Ursulak | | 604-873-8000 EXT 116
Dawn Goodby| | 604-873-800 EXT 115


Karina Kum | | 604-873-800 EXT 114
Jesse Ursulak | | 604-873-8000 EXT 116

Customer Service

Esther Hellquist | | 604-873-8000 EXT 100
Kimara Ackerley | | 604-873-8000 EXT 139

Thank you!

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